Little Girl – Faith of it^ being worthy enough

I have spent almost two days on the question. Irrespective of the holiday, my cerebrum  wasn’t able to figure out the exact reason. Spoke~ for hours. Had high hopes on that time. But in vain.

The necessity of establishing this with a valid reason is of prime importance considering the answer to your question I am about to disclose. There are people whom we just never figure out the purpose of being with. Many of our friends. But just letting them be for your joyous and cheerful life is what I think friendship is called. You’re somewhat in love with that person. Care for them and try to an extent* to stay in their lives. Or rather keeping them in your own. But this is no friendship. It cannot be, for the time we had, in our bare hands worth a lifetime which seems now.

Smoking up some pure grass always opens me up. And one such incident is the reason for the discovery and my reason to pen it down (Digitally 😦 ) Have been highesh since the past two hours and have been jumping with joy to have found the answer that comes from my heart.

One thing that I have clearly understood after meeting you 1 and a 1/2 times (considering the de-bella meet, a sneak peak) that you’re witty, fighter-spirited and easy going.

Had couple of more things in mind but that would make this a wanna-be type flirtatious piece of desperation. So better I swallow it like hot Maggi and not worry about that giving me a tummy-ache next morning.

And the best part about you is that you possess the habit which is I used to make a living from in my last birth(A story behind this) – Reading/Writing. Knowledge is what you have a billionaire worth fortune of and I am a greedy fuck-head.

Okay, the most philosophical line of the decade is about to hit us now.

Stay with me in this race as the ones we want to be with, makes winning it easy.

(~ okay I know we were chatting. But ‘spoke’ sounds so better)

(^ the move to talk to you again)

(* may vary on friend-2-friend)

–My first piece of legit shit. Hope you like it. Coz anyways m already in love with it. Ciao 🙂

Day Two_My interpretation of life

While we all usually say that life is not easy, i believe life is not meant to be easy. We all are in this world for a purpose, (Quoted by one of my good friend) and the journey to achieve that is what makes us look back and enjoy. Many of us complain that we never get what we deserve. May be its meant to be that way. May be your purpose is to learn to let go of things and grow ahead. May be the Almighty has planned it this way. ‘Almighty’. while i truly believe in him, many of us don’t. And you will find people who are rich/successful/happy in their lives and don’t believe in any superpower. So how do they do it. Cheating is what i used to think, while i was a child. Now, more than three years of living out of my home town, away from my parents, i feel i was wrong. Still not got the right answer though.

One thing which is crystal clear in my head is that handwork is the way to live life. You want to chill/relax/have a laid back attitude and pray to him that make me successful. In some cases this might work, not because he is showering his blessings upon you while he has turned his back from others. But because your purpose of life is this. You are meant to not work so much and yet enjoy the pleasures of life.

The famous childhood story about two farmers one of which only prays to God the entire day and the other does the same along with working hard, gives us the moral that God helps those who helps themselves. One might find many cases where people were just lucky they never inspire you. The ones which would, are the ones which has struggle in the background. These are the stories which would moist your eyes. Make you believe in yourself and help you set a goal in your life and run towards it.

So, give your best

First Blog!

Drafting my first blog during the last working hours. Have no idea about what to write.Listening to a podcast, since want to grow more in this. This is more like a testing thing. Life seems to be more competitive than ever. While we all have everything we have, why are we still so hungry???IMG_106224868331002